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“A jewel is a way of expressing what you feel”

Gemma López

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Transformation of jewelry with history

In the recent years, we have strongly emphasized to our clients about the importance of preserving the history of each jewel and preserving that emotional load when we want to transform it or recycle it into a more current piece.




As you all know, nature is the protagonist of our collections. Gemma always says that she only limits herself to framing the small works of art that nature makes and teaches how minerals are found in nature, many of which are usually found in the form of hexagonal prisms. From this didactic principle "HEXAGONAL" was born, a new didactic collection where the hexagonal shape in which the stone is found in nature is preserved. Labradorites, zoisite rubies, moonstone or black tourmalines are some of the stones that are part of Hexagonal. Discover it in our online store or by making an appointment to come and see it in our showroom.

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The new pieces of the HEXAGONAL COLLECTION already make people talk. And it is that every start of a new collection has a beautiful story to tell behind it. This is the case of the PENDANT OF LA JUANA, a story that you can already read in the new post on our blog and that, we are convinced, will surprise you as well as move you. All our jewels have a story behind them and this is one of the many worth telling on our blog. don't miss it

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Gemma López

Gemma López was born in Barcelona in 1974, with a degree in jewelery and goldsmithing by the Llotja School of Barcelona and Goldmeister since 2014. She was very clear from a very young age that her future career would be linked to this noble profession. It can be said that in her decision had a very large weight that she was educated in a family with a long tradition in the world of handmade jewelry.

In the materialization of his creative universe it was important to have taken two years of his studies at the Massana School and to have completed his training with various courses of chiselling, enamel and waxes, fruit of his artistic growth concerns. At the same time he was learning the trade by doing internships in the family workshop.

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