“Transformation of jewelry with history”

In the recent years, we have strongly emphasized to our clients about the importance of preserving the history of each jewel and preserving that emotional load when we want to transform it or recycle it into a more current piece.

When we talk about CUSTOMIZE A JEWEL, we refer to the transformation of an old jewel into a current one in which, previously, we have customized its design with his final client. We always take care of the essence of its history to the maximum, safeguarding the memory of that person who showed it before the person to whom we transformed. In this way, we guarantee the sustainability of the jewels throughout the space of time, reconverting them according to the current style of the person who will carry it.


Custom Jewelry

Come to our showroom and let yourself be advised to customize the design of your jewel to your liking. Choose one of the many natural stones in our collection (opals, rough aquamarine, rough tanzanite, rough labradorite, rough tourmaline, rough peridot, rough moonstone or rough emerald, tourmaline watermelon and rubelite among others) or bring it yourself and let yourself be guided by the intuition and the sensitivity of Gemma to outline your personal jewel. Remember that we do not choose stones. It is they who choose us.


“Send us your idea”

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